Artist's Statement

The breadth of feminine archetypes is what interests me – woman as vessel of creativity, as intercessor, as of the earth, as mother, as primal aspect of the feminine/masculine dichotomy, as the complement of masculine divinity. I work with these archetypes in order to create works that function as metaphor. My primary intention is to give form to something that is non-visual and incomprehensible – to bring them within reach. The artworks come out of the belief that discord and disorientation and a conflicted stance between the integration of interiority and the external must be experienced in order to approach the attainment of release of spirit that can regenerate wholeness. If this is possible, spirit provokes reflection on our subconscious.

I depict female figurative imagery in terms of vulnerability – the figures are in stances sometimes of protection and concealment but are at the same time emergent. They are often in postures that are precariously balanced or in contradictory stances in relation to the settings. Augmenting this, they inhabit notional and intangible spaces composed of imagery from the natural world and architectural fragmentation. The spaces do not contain the figures in a concrete “reality,” rather they belong fittingly to the subconscious and metaphor. Figures in these environments invite the viewer to engage with and quietly participate in a mediated space that is liminal, ephemeral and intuitively accessed.